It takes a lot of money to make high quality films. The expenses are many, ranging from state-of-the-art camera gear; to experienced camera operators; to flying a camera crew around the world on extensive expeditions; to all of the manifold costs of professional post production. The truth is that making independent films is not only expensive, but also unprofitable. It takes a Hollywood budget for marketing and distribution to make films profitable. Independent film production companies (such as GenSix Productions) consider a film to be a success if it breaks even. If the coffers are refilled with revenue from the sale of the film, then a new film project can be funded. This is the way it works… no one is getting rich here. In fact, if it were not for the generous contributions of a few individuals who saw the merit in our mission, we would simply not have been able to produce Episode 1 or Episode 2 in our True Legends Documentary Film Series. We thank these individuals for providing us with the means to make hard-hitting films that are shattering the lies of conventional history, and preparing people for the great deception looming on the horizon.


At the request of many of our viewers, we have decided to open a funding platform for the public. If you would like to help GenSix Productions make more hard-hitting high quality films, you can now donate to our production company via PayPal using a debit or credit card. With your help, we will continue to explore the true legends of our forbidden past.

Thank you for your continued prayers, and your commitment to the truth.
– Steve Quayle, Timothy Alberino, and the GenSix Productions crew