True Legends – Episode 1: Technology of the Fallen

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by admin on August 26, 2015

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In Episode 1, Timothy Alberino and the GenSix Productions film crew head to the High Plain (“Altiplano”) of Peru and Bolivia on the shores of legendary Lake Titicaca to investigate some of the most compelling evidence on the planet of fallen angels and their giant hybrid offspring in the antediluvian past. This full length feature film includes cutting edge research that uncovers and publishes, for the first time, historical documentation which proves beyond a shadow of doubt that colossal giants once roamed the lands of Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia; as well as reveals never before seen mind-blowing geoglyphs engraved on the surface of the earth and stretching for hundreds of miles over the Altiplano. Join the crew as they examine the megalithic mysteries of Tiwanaku and confirm that both the Inca and the Spanish chroniclers were well aware of who built Puma Punku, and when. The expedition culminates at the ominous gate of Aramu Muru, where the film crew camps out to determine whether or not this alleged ancient stargate is just a myth, or an authentic, active portal to another dimension.

Don’t miss this riveting adventure!

84 comments on “True Legends – Episode 1: Technology of the Fallen

  1. I heard your interview on ctm. it was awesome. cant wait to watch the dvds. will it becoming out on tv?

    thanks tim

  2. 25$ per episode!? I like Steve Quayle, he does good work, but I don’t make 1000$/h. Can’t afford it, will have to pass on that one.

    • The rental is $9.95 on Vimeo. Its a full length feature film with a running time of over 90 min. Very reasonable price.

    • Dusty Hamby on said:

      I’m sure this movie ours better than anything for sale at the supermarket, and i see 25 dollar movies there all the time. what would you rather see? fantastic four blah blah blah , or the awesome work of these awesome guys? Mr. Alberino, I’ve been watching your analysis, you are THE MAN!

    • Yeah, I think it is a bit pricey as well. rentals are not usually 10 dollars, rather 2-3 dollars is reasonable.

  3. Awesome, I’ve been waiting eagerly for the release of the dvd. My only question before I commit to buy, is will it play in my dvd player in Hong Kong? I have been caught out before ordering dvds from the States which won’t play because they are formatted for specific areas (which does not include HK).

    • You can always rent the HD streaming version on Vimeo if you are unsure about your DVD player.

        • I’ll reply for him. In love of course.
          You’re an idiot! Who asked you!
          I’m completely un-amazed by, but throughly disgusted at all the whiners and suggestors on here. Especially those that whine about the cost. SHUT UP! You’re clueless!!! Really! Clueless!!!
          I’m not affiliated and haven’t watched. But the infantile human chacteristic of whinerism exemplified here is disgusting! Examine within and seek change.

  4. marshall davis on said:

    steve and timothy and crew your awesome …keep up the good work!!! may jesus bless this series!!! amen!!!!

  5. Jenn & Jeff on said:

    We first heard oabout this documentary series on Skywatch TV and were siked to see episode 1 available and rented it immediately!! It was well worth the wait!! Any ideas on when episode 2 will be out? Thank you for your in depth research and ongoing efforts to expose our true origins. With the huge influx of media in recent years pushing alien/ufo theory in what appears to be attempts to “tip the scales” so to speak, it’s important to show not only a biblical perspective, but one that presents factual and visual research not full of speculation, which True Legends does a phenomenal job of. We’ll be sure to share this with freinds and family. God Bless~

    • Debbie on said:

      I too ordered it and I can’t wait to receive it in the mail! I want to also thank all those who took the time to compile all the accurate information and all the time and effort on their part. I want the whole world to know about this. Thank you so much!

  6. How many episodes are we talking about here and will there be a full set to purchase in the future?

    • We are shooting for at least 9 episodes in total. I am sure we will offer the complete set when they are finished.

  7. This documentry is well worth the $10 to watch it and i had no issues streaming it in HD. Congratulations Steve Tim and crew on the quality of this doco, it is good to give the biblical perspective of what happened, I got suckered in by ancient aliens myself until a couple years ago when i came across your work whilst doing research. I can’t wait for the next in this series of superb documentries, thankyou for showing us the truth behind the history of this world.

  8. I think I found some geoglyphs in Oregon USA, I saved the images on the website above. I would love to know if you think they could be made by the giants too. This isnt very far from the giants they found at love lock cave in Neveda. I am very interested in your opinion. They are all in the same area.

  9. Thanks goes out to all that made this video possible, love all your works and efforts to bring this vital info to the masses!
    Now it’s time to complain!
    1-way to much wasted time on glamour shots of the hosts!
    2- parts of this feels like I am watching a commercial, any second I’m going to see Steve Quayle bathing under a waterfall selling shampoo.
    3- I don’t like how they spent 30min reading to you and then summarizing what they just read to you. Just give me the summery!
    4-I could’ve been happier without the Spanish presentation spread out the entire video.
    5- not enough explanation about the writings on the mountains. That’s the whole reason I bought this video and it was over in about 20min….

    Ancient Aliens went into better detail explaining “why” it wasn’t possible to build those ruins with the technology suggested.

    All in all, love Steve Quayle and the message but I hope in the next episode there is less glamour shots , less repeating of information and more facts!

    • My turn to complain about your complaints:

      1. Describing some of our content as “glamour shots” is a bit over-the-top and adolescent, don’t you think? We were trying to be creative and entertaining in the way we introduced the host (Tim Alberino). We could have made it a lot more boring, but most people appreciate the visuals instead of just a guy sitting in a chair talking.
      2. This is funny. I have no comment on this point.
      3. We felt people would appreciate reviewing the text of the historical documents for themselves. We like to treat our audience like intelligent and studious adults, and not just spend an hour and a half flashing things in front of their faces with whooshing sounds, followed by wild speculations about extraterrestrials. Sorry you didn’t appreciate it.
      4. I understand reading subtitles can be tedious, but there really is not very much of it in the film, and many people feel its adds depth and authenticity.
      5. I agree with you on this point. I wish we would have had more time to break the geoglyphs down in more detail, but we wanted to keep the film around an hour and a half. Also, since there is no definitive proof as to what exactly the geoglyphs are, and who built them, we preferred to let the viewers draw their own conclusions, rather than cram our conjectures down their throats.

      And to your final point,

      Ancient Aliens doesn’t really explain anything, they just speculate, endlessly. We present a biblical narrative in our film, and then back it up with historical proof. What you call “glamour shots” we call interesting visuals, and if there is one point you cannot honesty fault us on, its facts.

  10. I listened to Tim Alberino’s interview on Canary Cry Radio yesterday and he blew my mind (in a good way) on so many points, all while providing for a very powerful gospel message that refilled my spirit. Can’t wait to see this movie!

  11. I would love to know how this is different than L. A. Marzulli’s Watchers Series. I have several of Steve Quayle’s books and greatly respect his work. But I’m hesitant to rent this as I’m afraid it might be “repeat” material started by L. A. Thanks for any honest feedback.

    • I don’t know how our series is similar or different to Marzulli’s Watcher Series as I do not (nor does Steve) watch those films. However, I can assure you that we have material in our film that very few people have ever laid eyes on, based on our own investigations. There is always going to be crossover when working in the same field as other investigators, but if there is any “repeat” material in our film, it is entirely unintentional and unbeknownst to us. If you are interested in historical proof of giants, I strongly suggest you rent the film.

      – Tim Alberino

      • Oh, I know that giants were on the earth! No doubt about that. L.A. has done extensive research in South America (I have a cast of an elongated skull thanks to his research!). L.A.’s footage has tons of “giant architecture” and such, and has filmed at some of the same places you guys have filmed at. He has tried to get DNA testing from some of the elongated skulls as well. Thanks so much for your reply! God bless and thanks for all you do.

      • Sheryl on said:

        I watch the watchers series and LA Marzulli does great work with that said i am so excited to get this dvd and share with my family and friends the price is nothing for the knowledge and information supplied. Id pay that 100 times over for the truth especially because of the season of deceptiont that is taught to our children, freinds and family . All those who love the Lord should be sharing this knowledge and doing the leg work to get this information in the hands of those who are looking for the truth…..Thank you for your hard work ill be ordering mine today. Sheryl

  12. I have been waiting for months to see this to be released, I truly understand it cost a lot of money to produce this and how of course you would want to try to make some of the money back. I don’t have a problem paying the 10.00, but then each episode then it gets very costly. But with such important information it seems you would want to give everyone a chance to see this and not everyone has this kind of money, so you guys are limiting who can get this information. I really am disappointed thought this was being made for everyone to be able to view,

    • I understand your feelings on this. But you need to understand that in order to make another film we have to recuperate the expenses of this film and then re-invest the money on the next episode. This episode alone cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $100,000 (which is cheap for a documentary). We would rather make the film and sell it to recuperate the funds, rather then beg people for donations. Either way, funds have to be procured for these kind of projects. I can assure you that nobody is getting rich in this business. If money was the objective, we would be doing something else with our lives.

      – Tim Alberino

      • Believe me I truly understand I guess my thinking is since this information is so important to get out to everyone, because of all the lies and cover ups and not to mention about where we are heading and how many people are totally asleep, maybe just it could be a little bit more affordable to the average person. I mean you can rent new releases on Red Box for $1.00. So with the cost being where it is you are just excluding a whole lot of people and the whole point of this is to get the truth out there so everyone can see the truth. Just wish you’d run a showing but also sell the dvd.

        • true, I know I will never pay that to see it. sorry, living day to day not knowing if I can even make rent, most I can afford is netflix montly minimum of 9 dollars. I guess i will just read the book of Enoch (free).

    • ABSOLUTELY SPOT ON! If you have recouped your expenses you really NEED to pray about lowering your cost. I dont recall Paul, John, Moses or anybody else who authored scripture charging to hear what they had to say. Just sayin.

      • GG. Not to be rude but Moses and Paul and the writers of scripture didn’t spend a hundred grand publishing their writings. It costs money to make these videos. This is money that has to be recouped also. It’s not profit. Remember …once they recoup costs they also have to have the cashflow to make the next episode.

        These guys don’t have the money that the hollywood fat cats have to dish out. We need to look at this as investing in God’s kingdom in reaching the lost. People go to church every week and give their money with no issue.
        If this series exposes lies and promotes truth then we need to step up and spend a little money and sacrifice a little bit in order to spread the truth to the lost. If all you are looking for is personal entertainment then stay with netflix. Either way I pray the Lord leads you and blesses you spirit, soul, body and financially.

        • well said, Kerry. don’t worry GG, just rent once and i know that you will be enlightened. trust me you will not regret it. after watching the first episode you will find yourself promoting the film and you can’t wait for the next. God bless the truth seekers.
          Good job steve, tim and the crew.

  13. Great work Tim, Steve, and everyone who labored to put the first episode of this series together. I just watched the first episode, and I’m really looking forward to seeing the next one. I also intend to share this with friends and family. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless your efforts abundantly, guide your research to uncover things you would never find on your own, and frustrate every plan of the enemy to do you harm and obscure the truth. Be encouraged, and be not weary in well doing. This is important work. God bless you all!

  14. I would have to agree with a previous poster, the subject matter is fascinating but the documentary doesn’t really do it justice. It’s somewhat padded with things like a still shot of the giants and about 15 minutes of someone reading extracts from several historical records. Later in the film just the text is shown without the voiceover – probably better. But film making is a visual medium, so if you are going to show a backdrop to text – I would suggest varying it and breaking it up a little. Tim mentioned that the authors were ‘well known’ – sadly not by me, so I would have liked a bit more context as to who these guys were.

    Did they rock the boat talking about Giants? I suspect they were mostly (if not all) Catholic but later in the film Steve mentioned that the Catholic church was one of the institutions involved in covering up the evidence. I’d like more background on anyone who you might liberally quote from in future episodes so I can understand the risks they took to tell their stories. The documentary touched on some fascinating areas but explored very little in depth that made me feel like I understood the subject in any greater depth after I’d watched it than before.

    As talk show hosts and guests, both Tim and Steve are engaging and interesting, but the art of compelling film making needs a little more practice. Kudos for the effort and I’m confident that the second episode will improve on the first.

    If you look at any of LA Marzulli’s excellent Watchers series, you can see in his later episodes how he has matured as a film maker, and I would say his series is still the benchmark by which others who tackle this subject from a Christian perspective will probably be judged.

    Tim – reading some of your replies, you come across as a little ‘touchy’ when it comes to criticism. I completely understand that nobody particularly likes to have their work critiqued, especially when its a passion project like this obviously is to you both. But I honestly believe that you’ll learn far more from your detractors than you do from your supporters – and everybody here has laid down some dollars to support you.

    Good luck to all for part two, which I await with interest.

  15. Steve and Tim –

    Production. Production. Production. It’s so important in the world we live in to be able to clearly articulate the message with compelling story and intelligence – you nailed it gentlemen! If this was cheese wiz from the beginning I would have sighed and turned me head. For all the comments about the cinematography I think a slightly condensed version of this would be much better than most of the secular garbage we see and the incredible quality of what has been produced would be right at home on Discovery/History/Smithsonian (a little levity) channels – hats off to you!!!

    In fact I’m blown away after reading the credits that this was done on such a small (not the incredible generosity!!) budget and by such a small crew. Truly fantastic! Praise Jesus for this gift and for the work he is doing through Gen6 and with partnerships like Skywatch, Hagmann, and the like. I can’t wait for the next installment and will be in prayer about how I could help.

    I think Gen6 and Skywatch would benefit from a tight partnership. A tight partnership! I imagine Steve and Tim tackling these episodes and also globe trotting to tell the story from ancient history to the present – unraveling Mark (and David) Forbidden Secrets of the Labrynth! That’s a book that needs a show to unpack all the heady goodness and treasure. In fact maybe Gen6 could/should helm the documentary wing in such a partnership. (Apologies for completely derailing there).

    Lastly, to the generous couple who made this film possible – what treasures you have stored in Heaven with your faithful generous gift – May The One TRue God – Jesus! Richly bless you.

    Gents – a mighty thing He is doing;)!!

    May the Lord build a hedge about you and Gen6 and provide that you storm the gates, reveal these truths and may He provide and keep you all safe!

    Lastly, to the

  16. Yasser Maniram on said:

    Well worth the price of admission. Having studied anthropology at a university level and being slightly familiar with Quayle’s work from his Coast to Coast AM appearances, I found Alberino and Quayle’s documentary to be beautifully shot with appropriate referencing throughout. I have a new-found appreciation for the Genesis 6 Giant theory and while reports of giant worship by the Incas and their own accounts has me convinced that they and the conquistadors really did find the remains of massive humanoids, I wonder how many of those might have been from dinosaurs that mistakenly got lumped in to the pile. Ultimately, and to paraphrase Quayle, dinosaur bones do not explain the landscape’s archaeological/megalithic features which was most assuredly artificial hewn. While many may be familiar with the Nazca lines, the use of satellite imagery to discovery repeating patterns in the regional geography also left me wondering if perhaps Angels really were custodians of the region before it became the playground for the sodomite giants of myth. I look forward to more and encourage anyone with an interest in history, archaeology, anthropology, exploration, the mysterious and the paranormal to make this mandatory viewing.

  17. Neill Frizzell on said:

    Enjoyed the video, but had to rent it. When I tried to purchase it, kept getting an error stating transaction had been declined, even though I used the same Master Card to rent it as I tried to do to purchase the dvd. Hope this is checked out, as there is something wrong with the purchase process.

  18. Contrary to one of the first comments above, it would be nice if a version with Spanish subtitles (during the English parts) were available so that I can share it with some of my friends who live in Puno ! Please let me know if such a version is available. =)) Muchos gracias … great information.

  19. Kristina Padgett on said:

    I would love to see this. I am a student and I don’t have the money to spare to see it. I’ve been excited about seeing the video because I love truth and I respect the work that was put into it. But, if I have to choose between eating and seeing this, well, I guess I could give up a meal or two. Thank you for making this available.

  20. Steven Schrock on said:

    I just sent my Son down to pick up a credit card to stream the video Im so stoked that you bros are making all of this public and private ..I was trying to find it on I tunes n amazon but I remember Steve Quayle saying its not on those from a hagman n hagman report show but hey maybe some day they will have those purchase cards at wallmart for the rental streaming vid so purchases can be made more securely with the technology today i hate putting my info up even though im only worth living pay check to pay check but I already know this is money well spent if Mr Quayle is in on it ..Ancient Aliens is going to be pissed they couldn’t edit it…hahaha

  21. I am very pleased with your trailer. Just enough to draw your attention. What is sad is that many do not want to admit they are deceived. Roman Catholics are the most difficult. I myself had been called out, and chosen to our Lord, God’s work at the tender age of NINE. I physically left when I was thirty, and baptized at thirty-three. Before that I read the ” end table bible “.
    Now at my tender age of sixty-four, and if it wasn’t for Jesus holding my hand through the Holy Scriptures I would have never studied Gen. 6:4. The Holy Spirit had led me last year, and opened that one verse to me, and my whole Christian walk has changed. I thank God for the veil to be lifted from eyes. I see the early church as it was, and is today.

    • Hey Bob,
      What is an “end table bible”?
      I grew up in Christian home where many things were unknown.

      • the term end table bible is used to describe a bible that is there for decoration only and no one ever reads it.

  22. shelly on said:

    Must say this has truly bothered me there is a cost attached to this info. I don’t think it is understood that some people really can not even afford to eat. Every month it is a struggle to make it through, I know there are a lot of people in that situation. My thoughts are maybe this should be one of those things where trust the Lord will bless this venture because of the pure value and don’t worry about charging.

  23. The video was very informative, and especially interesting with the quotes from 15th & 16th century material you included, found this summer before production ended.

    May I make a suggestion – during production, think about the audience settings where this could be shown, and how the onscreen delivery will communicate best. In particular, the need to READ THE SCREEN. I purchased the video with the intent to show it to a group in a small auditorium, with ample projection screen. But I discovered that being able to read the subtitles, spoken text, and unspoken written passages, were just beyond the ability of 50+ aged individuals to read at a distance, no matter how good their vision. And I’m talking a 10×10′ screen at 25-50 ft. Maybe bigger text, or more legible straight font. The material itself is compelling, but I know I’d lose a majority of my older viewers when it came to reading the onscreen text. I hope this is taken as constructive suggestion! The DVD price is at the high end, but I consider the purchase more of a contribution to your ongoing efforts, which I hope you can continue to completion.

  24. I ordered the DVD. I can’t wait to see it! But the real reason I got the DVD instead of renting is so I can share with some unsaved friends of mine who don’t believe anything unless they can watch it on TV. I know that’s very sad to say, but for people like that, a big-budget, highly produced DVD like this is a great witnessing tool to plant seeds for Christ. So I got the DVD (for them). Gold bless you guys and everyone please support this series and share it with TV zombies that haven’t met the Lord yet (right?). Rent or buy, Just support, and let the Holy Spirit do his thing. They have a lot more stuff to produce, and God knows it will shake the world of TV zombies hooked on Ancient Aliens. He’s looking for the humble hearts. Let’s help him.


  25. Maroel Real on said:

    5 star…..
    Can’t wait to see the next episode….

    God bless you always for giving us TRUE information…
    Be Safe….


  26. gypsygirl on said:

    I have read the comments, and God bless those of you who are not the scoffers and scorners. But to those of you who post the negative comments about the price I say just don’t buy it if you cannot afford it. Do you go to a doctor and tell him his price is too high, or do you go to a grocery store manager and complain that milk is too high? All I have to say is that these watchmen are risking their lives to bring us information they feel we should know, and I thank them and may God bless them. The negative ones need to read the Gospel and learn to live it

  27. Gentlemen, you have hit the nail on the head as to the origins of these megalithic structures. In fact, origins from the fallen ones, the Nephilim, corroborates the biblical record found both in our current cannon of scripture, as well as the Ethiopian book of Enoch, Book of Giants, etc.

    Points to ponder:

    1. From watching your video allow me to make a proposal. I propose a return visit to the Star Gate and place a tone generator near the gate that can be frequency adjusted. Slowly dial from frequency to frequency, hertz by hertz, from low to high. You might get lucky and trigger the gate. In fact, I know how to do this very easily with exacting detail.

    2. Also, did you seek out the comments of the local Shaman about the gate?

    3. Have you considered the possibility that the inter-connecting blocks at Puma Punko were indeed poured from a mold? It would allow for size and consistency, and would be the hallmark of a knowledgeable stone mason with assurances of very precise and exacting details.

    Just some thoughts.

    Take Care and God bless!

  28. Brandon on said:

    I love the information i receive from u guys, i going to buy this dvd later on when i get of work! God bless. I really love what u are doing my eyes are wide open.

  29. The information was good, but it could have been done for a lot cheaper without the field trip. In my opinion it added nothing to the content of the film. Not much ground was covered that hasn’t been covered by others who have been on site. It seems like that was added just to go through the motions. It just gives a sense of actually being there for the people involved therefore giving them more credibility as opposed to just reading books. Unfortunately the book/account quoting was the only thing of interest or value in the film (imo). The production looks well done but a bit campy. The Tim guy seems like a dork, not meaning it as an insult just as a description, seems like a nice guy though. His spanish is good. For the next videos try to make the field trips a bit more relevant to your content, and not just a way to get footage to add fluff to the film. Fluff and production value is fine but if the trip is simply for that then you might just want to save the money unless going on filed trips is just for fun. I love the work and I hope you guys keep it up and that you are successful in reaching people with this message. I sure hope you shed more light into the period before the flood.

  30. Harmar T Judd II on said:

    If you depend on Jesus and the Holy Spirit to guide your judgement about your work on this film, then I have to say congratulations. I pray for God’s blessings for your next work. The hard work performed by you and your staff only exemplifies the level of either, commitment of cover up or the level of ignorance that we have suffered for all of my 57 years of life. Always inquisitive of the unexplained structures, brought me first to Chuck Missler, and now here.Thanks to the increased knowledge foretold, and the internet, Praise God’s Creation and Salvation!! Ted

  31. Manus on said:


    Some great information for sure! But the same information is available for free on youtube from various other sources. I honestly thought this film was enjoyable to a degree, but very poorly edited.. especially considering it is not aired on youtube for free. You stretched basic points out way too much. Had I not paid for this film, I would have turned it off at times out of sheer boredom.. and I personally find this topic fascinating, so what does that tell you!! I resented the main dude talking in Spanish a lot, when he clearly speaks better english! I resent being made to read subtitles unnecessarily!

    Summary: Low budget, average quality documentary

    You guys should offer this small slice of information for free!

  32. Grant Jones on said:

    Absolute fantastic production I don’t think a lot of people understand the sensitivity of this subject this has been above top secret and covered up for thousands of years and present powers. Tim and Steve and the rest of the production crew are putting their lives literally on the line to bring us this information.
    My prayers are for them ,may Jesus’ omnipotent protection be over them as they seek to expose the greatest deception in human history by the prince of deception.
    You critics out there do not understand what reality is beside the artificial one this brain washed dumb down society presents it is not as the Bible puts forth which is being backed up by the evidence Tim and Steve are presenting. Keep going guys I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for the next one.
    His richest blessings upon you
    In Jesus Name

  33. Truth on said:

    Nothing worth having costs money, especially the truth. your a fool if you believe different.

    These truther groups bounce the same info around since the beggining of time, its not new and its not getting you any closer to the truth

    Offer it for free, if nobody donates it means your a lier and offer nothing but lies. If it wasnt a lie intended for profit than it would be free, if you disagree i have a few bibles i can sell you for 24$, you can rent one for 9$

    Your all false profits, you should be ashamed for tricking people who look for truth.

  34. Doreen McCarthy on said:

    Thanks everyone. The documentary was terrific! It’s one thing to read about it and the fallen angel,s but quite another to see the stones and Bolivia. The patterns in the glyphs were just amazing as was the roleccommunications. Everyone should see this. Thanks again! Doreen MC carthy

  35. Lawrence Winans on said:

    It wont download on vimeo to my phone or on my vimeo app on my TV. My account is fine. Please make this available somehow without making me buy the DVD first

  36. Lawrence Winans on said:

    I have the highest speed connection anywhere.
    Why is it telling me to leave Vimeo?

  37. Ann Louise on said:

    I’m interested in the DVD but I have bought similar things and find out the DVD or CD is only formatted for playback on computer. That means I can’t share it with my non tech friends. Sad fact is that new laptops are coming out without DVD/cd ports. New cars have no cd ports. I know there are ways around it but life is getting so complicated. So my question is…. Will DVD play on NORMAL player?

  38. Darcy Wilson on said:

    You gentlemen are AWESOME! I pray for the safety of you and your team. Can’t wait for the second one!!!!

    • Darcy Wilson on said:

      P.S. Don’t listen to the people like “truth” people like that (in my opinion) are looking to be deceived.