True Legends – Episode 2: The UnHoly See

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by admin on June 26, 2016

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Are the forbidden secrets of the prehistoric past linked to the forthcoming events of the prophetic future? Is there a hidden hand confiscating and concealing artifacts relating to the world before the Flood of Noah and the hybrid entities that inhabited it? Are living giants still walking the earth today? Is the Vatican preparing for the arrival of “alien saviors”? In this fast-paced episode, Steve Quayle, Timothy Alberino and Tom Horn unveil the surprising answers to these compelling questions.

This full length feature film is packed with explosive content, including: testimony from an active duty pilot who handled and transported the body of a dead giant killed by U.S. Military operatives in the caves of Afghanistan; evidence of a vast subterranean world hidden beneath the surface of the earth; further proof that the megaliths belonged to the Pre-Flood Age; never-before revealed information concerning Zecharia Sitchin and the Anunnaki; and the unmasking of the Church of Rome, and the Vatican’s secret plan to resurrect the Golden Age and welcome from heaven the return of the ancient gods.

From Cusco, Peru; to Rome, Italy; to the island of Malta; join Timothy Alberino and the GenSix Production crew as they follow the path of a conspiracy that gives credence to the old adage… all roads lead to Rome!

25 comments on “True Legends – Episode 2: The UnHoly See

  1. Martin Steyn on said:

    Hi how hard is it to ship A DVD to South Africa for me
    i would like to wake peoplu up year
    thanks Martin

  2. Peter Haeggström on said:

    It´s impossible to watch the stream. I´ve downloaded the latest flashplayer, i´ve used all the different playback options. NOTHING works! Is there anyway you could download the film? Otherwise i´ve just thrown my money away!

  3. Daniel on said:

    Hi! I am trying to purchase this episode on Blu-Ray but it only directs me to dvd. Is it only on dvd right now? Thanks

    • Admin on said:

      Episodes 2 and 3 had larger budgets and are better produced. It would be a mistake to judge the series on the first film alone.

  4. Rebecca on said:

    Is there anyway I can just rent/watch this once for a lower price then 14.99? Being a single disabled mother of four 14.99 is a fortune. I know it cost a lot to produce and I respect that but most people I know can’t spend 15 dollars on a single episode no matter how good or deserving it is.

  5. Tina on said:

    These guys have truly awakened me to what is going on in our world! I have not seen the 1st episode but The UnHolySee is definetly worth the money and furthermore to allow my family and friends to know what is happening now in plain view! It lines up with the Bible. I am patiently waiting for the latest DVD release I purchased! Excited!! Can’t wait!!!

  6. Mr. Costanza on said:

    At the very end there is a soldier in a black mask talking about some mountains, which mountains was he referencing?

  7. Richard Keen on said:

    Is There a phone number I can call to purchase the entire True Legends series on DVD via a Credit Card over the telephone?

  8. Pete on said:

    If anyone is on the fence about purchasing these DVD’s, JUST PURCHASE THEM. I can tell you from my experience as a law enforcement Officer, viewing this series with a careful eye, I am blown away by the quality of investigative research that has been documented in the entire series. 5 out of 5 stars.

  9. Heather on said:

    Hi do you guys ship to the UK and if so what would appox shipping cost, also if I were to purchase the streaming version is it available in 1080p HD or even 4K?

    • Andrea on said:

      I purchased the streaming versions of episodes 2 and 3 on Vimeo, and you have the option of streaming 1080p HD all the way down to 360p.
      The streaming quality is excellent if you have good bandwidth.

  10. James Farrar on said:

    I guess these videos are restricted to people who have plenty of money, and those of use that are disabled and unemployed just don’t need to know.

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